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  • pf горная машина для ударной дробилки

    ударная каменная дробилка отверстие подачи: 820x700-1600x2080mm размер подачи: ≤500mm заявление: все виды рудоразрушающих, железных дорог, автомобильных дорог, энергетических, цементных, химических, строительных и других отраслей промышленности. обрабатываемые материалы: длин5

  • небольшая каменная дробилка для продажи

    щековая дробилка отверстие подачи: 150 × 1300 мм × 250-300 размер подачи: 125-250mm производство:1-2200 т / ч заявление: металлургическая промышленность, горнодобывающая промышленность, химическая промышленность, цементная промышленность, строительная промышленность,5

  • дробление конусных пород

    конусная дробилка диаметр конуса:600-2200mm размер подачи:35-300mm производство:12-1000t / ч заявление: металлургия, строительные материалы, дорожное строительство, химическая и силикатная промышленность. обрабатываемые материалы: барит, мрамор, кальцит, каолина, угол5

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Rod Mill Correct Installation

  • 2021-04-08

The rod mill type sand making machine mainly relies on the grinding medium in the cylinder-the steel rod to move in the rod mill, and grinds the material in the running state of falling and venting. So what is the advantages of the rod mill sand making machine? How should it be installed before making sand ?

The rod mill sand making machine have dry tpe and wet type .the user can select according to the actual conditions .
The main advantage is that the rod mill sand making machine adopts advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology, combined with the actual user’s grinding materials, and equipped with a suitable grinding media. The surface contact of the traditional ball mill is changed to line contact, so that the sand making machine discharging particle size is more uniform, the output is higher, and it is suitable for different hardness ores. The granularity of the discharging material can be changed by simple adjustment. The fineness control device is built-in, and the discharging device can be added with a screening device.

Pay attention when installing the rod mill sand making machine:

1.The installation position of the rod mill sand making machine has a great relationship with the crusher. The installation location of the rod mill sand making machine is different depending on the crushing site, and most of them are installed in the factory or outdoor operation.
2.Before installing the sand making machine, check according to the packing list, check whether the various parts are damaged during transportation, and whether the spare parts are complete.

3.Check the connection of each component, it should be firm and reliable, carefully check whether there is any foreign matter in the cylinder, and remove it in time if there is any. Check whether the motor wiring is correct and the voltage is normal.

4.Before the sand making machine leaves the factory, the rod mill sand making machine has been test, and all parts are normal. However, after the rod mill sand making machine is installed on site, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out to check whether the lubricating oil pipe is firmly connected. Add oil again.

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