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  • pf горная машина для ударной дробилки

    ударная каменная дробилка отверстие подачи: 820x700-1600x2080mm размер подачи: ≤500mm заявление: все виды рудоразрушающих, железных дорог, автомобильных дорог, энергетических, цементных, химических, строительных и других отраслей промышленности. обрабатываемые материалы: длин5

  • небольшая каменная дробилка для продажи

    щековая дробилка отверстие подачи: 150 × 1300 мм × 250-300 размер подачи: 125-250mm производство:1-2200 т / ч заявление: металлургическая промышленность, горнодобывающая промышленность, химическая промышленность, цементная промышленность, строительная промышленность,5

  • дробление конусных пород

    конусная дробилка диаметр конуса:600-2200mm размер подачи:35-300mm производство:12-1000t / ч заявление: металлургия, строительные материалы, дорожное строительство, химическая и силикатная промышленность. обрабатываемые материалы: барит, мрамор, кальцит, каолина, угол5

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Machine For Cleaning Sand

  • 2019-05-10

Mud-free sand is a good sand, in order to have a larger market, a wider application, in order to sell a good price, how to better remove the mud and other impurities in the sand, which requires Sand washing machine, it is very easy to use in the cleaning and processing of sand, and the sand after cleaning meets the building sand and construction sand and ,concrete using sand standard .

There are two types of sand washing machine :

One type is wheel bucket sand washing machine ,also called water wheel sand washing machine,It mainly turns the sand through the rotation of the impeller and rubs against each other to remove the impurities covering the surface. Because of the different productivity, the equipment is divided into single wheel, double wheel and three wheels, and the single wheel processing volume is small. The three-wheel sand washing machine one-hour processing capacity can reach 260 tons.

The other is called spiral sand washing machine. It is a device for cleaning mud-containing sand by a screw device. It is divided into a single screw  and a double screw due to different processing capabilities.

What are the common advantages of the wheel bucket sand washer and the spiral sand washer?

Water resources: Although the water consumption of the two sand washing machines is different during the cleaning process of sand (the spiral sand washing machine water consumption is larger),but the water can be recycled using after cleaning the sand, not cause water resource waste, while also avoiding the pollution of water resources from sewage discharge.

Sand cleaning: The sands cleaned by the two machines are in line with the "Construction Sand" and "Ordinary Concrete Sand, Stone Quality and Inspection Method Standards".

Differences between the two sand washing equipment
Wheel bucket washing machine

(1) Applicable materials: generally applicable to materials with finer particle size such as stone  powder and sand.

(2) The replacement of parts is convenient (only one need to be replaced).

Spiral sand washing machine

(1) The small spiral sand washing machine length is 8-9 meters, and the large one is up to more than ten meters.

(2) Because of the high degree of clean washing, the loss rate of sand is high.

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